Fucoidan:The Good and the Bad

The science of over 900 scientific studies reveals the amazing facts about a substance derived from brown algae called fucoidan.  Its ability to regrow not only stem cell but cartilage and other cell regeneration abilities along with it’s ability to enable the body to destroy cancer cells has compelled me to tell the world about it. The problem is that the brown algae called limu,which fucoidan is made from contains arsenic and other impurities from petroleum from ships and industrial waste that is common off the shores of Japan. Therefore the highest concentration of fucoidan that can be offered per serving was only 1.8% fucoidan. Any higher concentration of fucoidan could be dangerous because of the arsenic levels and the toxic waste. Sad to say but after the science came out about fucoidan people rushed out to buy it and what they were getting was at the best 1.8%. Some fucoidan products had less than that. So they were not experiencing the results that the scientific studies were showing. I have discovered one exception. There is a nutraceutical manufacture whose 18 full time PhD scientists  developed and patented multimillion dollar equipment that safely removes the arsenic and toxic substances without compromising the healing properties.

Most Limu comes from the toxic waters off the coast of Japan but this manufacturer  starts with  a superior brown algae (limu) from an unindustrialized island that has no military bases or big ports with ships to pollute the limu. Because of this scientific equipment developed in laboratories by their full time PhD scientists and due to the pureness of the origin of their limu, this manufacture’s concentration is allowed to be much higher.  The difference would be comparable to raw petroleum oil and jet fuel. Even though jet fuel comes from petroleum the fact that it has been refined causes it to become much more effective.

Here are three points of refinement that make this manufacture’s fucoidan much more effective.

1.      In nature, One out of seven or eight molecules has a Sulfated bond that creates the biological functions that we are after.  Sisel has Sulfated all the molecules so we have eight of the eight molecules with the bond which makes our product Intensified or eight times more potent than the competition.

2.      Sisel removes all toxins (heavy metals, arsenic) allowing us to concentrate the Fucoidan in Sisel’s FuCoyDon Intensified product.  The government allows only so many ppm (parts per million) of arsenic.  The competition gives you between 1.62% -1.84% Fucoidan in their product, whereas Sisel gives you over 150% more due to no arsenic in the solution.

3.      Sisel uses an enzymatic patented process to divide the molecular structure into individual molecules for better absorption.


Furthermore, Sisel’s Fucoidan is from Tonga, which has a greater yield percentage wise (21% yield and further intensified to over 31% in the finished product through SISEL’s 20 Patented Manufacturing Processes). Sisel’s Fucoidan also has all three types of Fucoidan, U, F, and G, whereas the competition has just the U form. The Tongan waters are pristine with no pollutants coming from manufacturing waste being dumped into the sea or military bases with fuels deposited into the ocean from ships.

Take a Tour the Largest & Most State of the Art Nutraceutical Products Manufacturing Facility in the Industry – and see the SISEL- Exclusive manufacturing process that uses a high- pressure process at 8,000 psi to remove all of the naturally occurring toxins from  SISEL’s FuCoyDon Intensified:  
> Click Here: http://tinyurl.com/ag3eqqs

I have personally seen the dramatic results from this superior fucoidan product in people that I know. Here are a few highlights of results that people have experienced with fucoidan.

Cell Signaler

Stimulate stem cell growth

Create apoptosis in cancer cells (the death of a cancer cell)

Increase immune system 400% in first week

Create cell regeneration

Anti bacterial

Anti viral

Massive anti-inflammatory (in the joints and on the cellular level)

Kills parasites in stomach and digestive tract

Lowers blood pressure

Full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll, sterols, Glyconutrients, etc.

Reduces side effects in Chemotherapy and Radiation

Suppresses Angiogenesis

Lowers PSA scores

There are over 900 different scientific articles that have been written and numerous books that tout the healing properties of fucoidan but if you aren’t getting a therapeutic dose then you will not experience these results. Siel’s patented process and pure limu sources make a therapeutic dose  now available.

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  1. Sure glad I’ve got a sweetie who makes sure her family is up to speed with the latest in scientific breakthroughs in health. Thank you that we have the best products for our family’s well-being and for the additional blessing that we can benefit others as well.

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